Иван П. Петров

Ivan P. Petrov is an university assistant of Palaeosalavonic philology and Balkan Studies at the Instate of Slavic Studies, University of Vienna. He holds a PhD in Old Church Slavonic language and historical gramma. He is alumnus of the BA programme in Classics, as well as the MA programmes of Old Church Slavonic studies and Slavic studies (with Polish studies as a main focus). Ivan P. Petrov taught Latin for Medical Purpouses and Bulgarian language for foreigners in the Department for Languages and Specialized training in the Medical University – Plovdiv, as well as Old Church Slavonic language at the Sofia University, the National Lyceum of Ancient languages and cultures, Sofia, and Latin in University of Plovdiv.  His research is focused on the comparative and historical studies of the Indo-European languages, Patristics and the Medieval Greek and Cyrillic Paleography. His research has been funded by the Austrian Ministry of Education (programme Ernst Mach Weltweit), Institute Français, and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Ivan P. Petrov has been part of the editorial team of Philological Forum since 2017. In 2022 he became the lead of the newly founded series for electronic monographs Experior. In 2023 he was invited to join the editorial team of the journal Scripta & e-Scripta, as well.

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4386-0097
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