About the Philological Forum Journal


ISSN 2367-8119 (print editions of issues 1 and 2)
ISSN 2534-9473 (electronic editions)
Publisher: Faculty of Slavic Studies, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Bulgaria.


The Philological Forum is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal centring on the sphere of the humanities and established to serve as a platform for young scholars. Its issues are topical and are curated by a scholar specialising in the relevant area of philology and, broadly, the humanities. Articles in the journal concern issues pertaining to literary history and theory, the history of language and linguistic theory, cultural anthropology, folklore studies and ethnology, research on subjects relating to Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the media, theatre and cinema, language and literature education and the theory and practice of translation. Issues pertaining to Bulgarian studies abroad are given special consideration. The journal publishes scholarly articles, reviews, travelogues, fiction and interviews by young and establishes authors alike. The journal’s working languages include all Slavic languages, English and French. Texts in German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian are allowed.

The intended audience of the texts includes scholars, university lecturers, teachers in the humanities, specifically in the field of philology, BA, MA and PhD students, post-doc researchers and readers interested in philology.


The sections comprising scholarly texts are based on the topic around which an issue is organised. These include the section What We Read, which includes critical reviews. The standing sections appearing regularly in the journal and forming part of its profile include: A Poetic Prologue, Epistolary Tales, Silent Echo, Travelling Words, Where Do Bulgarian Studies Lie?, It So Happened That… and A Wink and a Yawn.

Publication Requirements

Only texts in line with the disciplinary and thematic guidelines of the journal are considered for publication. These must comply with its technical requirements and must first pass a double-blind independent peer review procedure. Each text is reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.

Having a text published in the Philological Forum Journal is free of charge. Access to the journal’s website and the texts published in it is also free of charge.

Frequency of Publication

The journal publishes two issues a year (March and October).