Peer Review Procedure

Review Procedure

Staring from Issue 2(4) of 2016, all academic articles in the Philological Forum journal have been published after passing a double-blind* independent peer review procedure.
Reviewers must be academic staff holding a PhD as a minimum. No interdependence may obtain between the authors of texts and reviewers: reviewers may not be an author’s academic advisor and must be active in a different institution.

Each manuscript is read by the Editorial Board and, subject to its approval and that of the issue editor, it is sent to two anonymous reviewers, who must submit their reviews within 30 days. Using the reviewer template of the ScholarOne system, they may approve or reject a text or offer that it be published following revision, with said revision being subject to their approval.

In case a member of the editorial team has submitted a manuscript for peer review, another member of the team takes over the administration of the peer review procedure to further ensure the principle of anonymous peer review.

Texts in the sections A Poetic Prologue, Epistolary Tales, Silent Echo, Travelling Words, What We Read, It So Happened That… and A Wink and a Yawn are not subject to the review procedure above.

*Double-blind peer review means that neither the author(s), nor their reviewers receive information on the identity of the other party.