Publishing with the Philological Forum journal is free of charge. No fees are payable for any texts published or translated.

By submitting a manuscript for publication with the Philological Forum journal, the author acknowledges that the text is their original work and is based on their own surveys/research and the texts used, be they published or unpublished, have been cited correctly and duly included in the bibliography.
An academic text may form part of any existing scholarly publication. Authors are liable for any breaches of the rules above.

Each author must submit an authorship declaration which has been duly signed and scanned.

Where an author wishes to republish a text of theirs published in the journal, they must obtain the permission of the team of editors of the Philological Forum journal and state the exact bibliographic reference of the original publication in the Philological Forum journal: year, issue, pages, URL.

Authors agree to have the titles of their articles translated from and to English and Russian by the journal’s team of editors. The author’s own translations of their title may be accepted only on their express request and where the team of editors agrees with this.

By submitting a manuscript for publication, authors agree to allow their texts to undergo a process of proofreading in line with requirements of the journal.

By sending us your author information, you agree to have this processed for the purposes of preparing material relevant to the journal and to have it published as an integral part of your articles and the content of the journal.

Authors agree to have their entire text uploaded to the CEEOL.

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